Cleanups for BIOL 108 Environmental Biology

Two groups of students recently conducted litter cleanups at/near H-SC as part of Dr. Goodman’s BIOL 108 Environmental Biology class.

On November 15, Matthew Gates, George Parrish, Mack Garret, John Parrish, and Matt Vail (pictured above) picked up hundreds of cigarette butts around the major dorm building and classrooms on campus.  Most people don’t realize that these are plastic, NOT biodegradable, and toxic hazards to wildlife for years or decades after disposal (click here for more info).  So remember to always mind your butts and tell your friends and family to safely dispose of them in proper receptacles!

On November 7, the following students (some shown above) collected several bags of litter from a local highway near the H-SC campus:  Matthew Gates, George Parrish, Matt Vail, Patrick Adams, John Parrish, Alexander Tharp, Ryan Davis, Nick Caporale, Mac Garret.

Nice job, guys!!

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