One Month Into my Summer in DC

This summer I have had the pleasure to work with the American Legislative Exchange Council here in Washington, D.C.   So far it has been a truly wonderful experience, primarily because of how involved I am in the day-to-day affairs within the office.  I am working as an intern within the Public Affairs task force, and I have already gained invaluable experience in my short time here.  Throughout the day there are certainly daily tasks that need to be accomplished, but there is also a tremendous amount of work that differs every day.  I enjoy this because it keeps things diverse and interesting at work.

I thought that the first day of work was going to be stressful, because I knew that I was going to be entering a strong work environment.  I was surprised when I entered the office though because every person was friendly and helpful.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working here thus far specifically for this reason!  I felt immediately involved within the workplace even on my first day from sitting in on conference calls, being let in on current projects, and being given tasks.  My primary responsibilities so far this summer have been working within the communications aspect of our Public Affairs teams.  It has been a great experience because I’m not just sitting at my desk waiting to be given work; I always have something to be engaged in.  The work that I’m doing, even though I’m just an intern, actually matters.  Working for the American Legislative Exchange Council has been far different from anything that I’ve ever done, and so far it has provided me with some very good insight into what I might want to do after graduation.

Working with a Hampden-Sydney grad has made this internship very rewarding thus far, because it has allowed me to connect with my coworkers much quicker than I expected.  Everyone is willing to help and answer questions at any time, and I’ve found ALEC to be a very positive work environment.  I look forward to updating on future projects throughout the summer!


-Jackson Riley ’14

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