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Examining the Legitimacy of the “Everybody’s Doing It” Excuse

As often as an athlete gets caught doping, he excuses himself by claiming that it is standard practice in the field. “Everyone else was doing it” seems so reasonable an excuse for otherwise readily acknowledged bad behavior that each new generation of parents finds themselves saying, “If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you do […]

Property or Prostitutes

Do you want cops chasing prostitutes or pickpockets? Vandals or drug dealers? The jerk who stole your identity or the pot head down the street? Every kid in South Park knows that “drugs are bad m-kay.” But are they as bad as the kid who throws the brick through the bakery window? Take some time […]

Why Fake the Mullet?

In his recent autobiography, Andre Agassi revealed that he had used hair extensions, and even a wig, to keep his famous mullet hairstyle–well after genetics had made it impossible for him to do so. Despite the obvious appeal of business in the front an dparty in the back, why fake it? Agassi, himself provides a […]