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Kick-Ass Entrepreneurship

“I always wondered why no one else had thought of it.” –Dave Lizewski, Kick-Ass In the movie, Kick-Ass, based on the comic series of the same name, Dave Lizewski, an ordinary sixteen year old, achieves great success- measured as a teenage boy would, in terms of internet fame and the love of a hot chick- […]

Road Anarchy and the Right of Way

Student Guest Blogger: Jordan Harless ’11 Have you ever been stuck at a traffic light when the power has gone out? With every flash of the disrupted traffic signals, each vehicle waiting to go to their destination moves inch by inch. Can you imagine how awful would it be if that were the norm? Would […]

Honor Among… Athletes?

As pro-cycling champion Alberto Contador (see story here) is busted for using prohibited performance enhancers, Bernard Kohl (third place in the tour in 2008) admits that he not only used performance enhancing drugs but that he also deceived test administrators to pass 99/100 drug tests he took.  It is becoming clear that doping is a […]