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The Cost of Being “Insufficiently Suspicious”

By: Alexander Cartwright ’13 CVS Pharmacy was recently fined $75,000,000.00 for making a major contribution to “the illicit methamphetamine trade.” According to Reason Magazine, $75 Million is now the largest civil penalty ever assessed for a violation of the controlled substance act. However, CVS did not agree to pay the penalty because they ignored a […]

Have You Ever Wondered…?

Have you ever wondered why some of the best “ethnic” restaurants have pictures of the food on the menu? I’ve even seen plastic replicas of all the dishes proudly displayed in a line at the entrance to the dining area. I don’t think I have to tell you that there is nothing less appetizing then […]

Resolutions for the Citizen Economist in 2011

One of the favorite rituals at the beginning of each New Year is to reflect on the people we are and make resolutions that we hope will turn us into the people we wish to be. We pledge to make the hard choices in our personal lives and the smart choices in our professional lives […]