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The Temperance Movement for the Prohibition of Fried Chicken

By: Alexander Cartwright ’13 South Los Angeles city council recently began an initiative to reduce the number of fast food restaurants in the South L.A area by denying new business permits requested by fast food establishments. The goal is to encourage healthy eating by decreasing access to unhealthful options. According to the city council, restricting […]

The Exxon Theory of Peace: How Energy Independence Leads to War

By: Dylan DelliSanti ’14 With gas prices rising and military operations in Libya escalating, cries for energy independence will no doubt find more sympathetic ears than ever. Sarah Palin’s “SarahPAC” listed as one of its main beliefs that “energy independence is a cornerstone of the economic security and progress that every American family wants and […]

Egypt’s False Choice: Why Egyptians Shouldn’t Choose Between the Military and the Muslim Brotherhood

Recently, the will of the Egyptian people proved to be stronger than the will of their aging leader, Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak. After more than 50 years of oppression, the Egyptian people have successfully asserted their rights to be free. But ousting the old guard was the easy part. As the people of Egypt get […]