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Are Some Bad Grades Good?

Baker Allen ’14 As the end of the semester approaches and students all over the country struggle to complete final papers, projects and presentations, all while studying for finals, many think that it would be great if the teacher just gave everyone an A. Unfortunately, such generosity causes much more damage than most students recognize. […]

The Charity Middleman, Profiting for other People

By: Grigory Makarenko ’13 For most people, charity and profit are the furthest things from each other. In fact, many people seem to think that profits themselves are evil or at least involve some form of exploitation. However, profit is simply the result of underutilized resources and anytime someone finds a more valuable use for […]

Atlas What?

On April 15th, Ayn Rand’s stunningly successful and provocative novel, Atlas Shrugged, finally made it onto the big screen as a stunningly terrible and bewildering film. The movie, titled Atlas Shrugged Part: 1, was eagerly anticipated by both Rand fans and detractors as they prepared to do battle over the relative merits of individualism and […]

NFL Labor Strike: Tackling Transactions Costs

By: Chris Hagedorn ’14 According to television ratings most Americans spend Sunday watching the NFL. In fact, it is so popular right now that the two most watched television programs ever are the last two Superbowls and this year 8 of the top 10 most watched programs this year were NFL games. Unfortunately, the 92nd […]