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Congress: A Perfectly Functioning Debt Machine

When Standard and Poor’s cited doubts over the United States government’s ability to pass a deficit-reduction package as the reason for its historic downgrade of the US bond rating, pundits immediately blamed a dysfunctional congress for failing to come up with a deal sooner. Unfortunately, it’s not the dysfunction of the congress that’s the problem- […]

Propinas: Eficientes no Elitismo

Alexander C. Cartwright ’13 Durante mi primero dia en San Jose Costa Rice, estaba emocionado a comer la comida local, pero no estaba preparado para la experiencia. Cuando fui al frente de restaurante para pagar, encontré una propina de 10% automático. Cuando pregunte el empleado sobre este, el me explico que en Costa Rica tienen […]

Gratuity: Efficient not Elitist

By: Alexander C. Cartwright ’13 During my first day in San Jose Costa Rica, I was eager to experience the local food, but I was not prepared for the dining service that accompanied it. When I went to the front counter prepared to pay my bill, I discovered 10% gratuity was mandatory; when I questioned […]

Rebecca Black Exploitation?

By: Chris Kjorness Rebecca Black is back. The girl who garnered hundreds of millions of YouTube views with her video “Friday,” has now made a not entirely ridiculous sophomore attempt. While “My Moment,” has not yet matched “Friday,” the video already has 20 million views in two weeks, and a much better like to dislike […]