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The NBA Lockout, The Best Thing for the NCAA Since Bobby Knight

By: Ronnie Fultz ’12 Last year the NBPA received 57 percent of the BRI, in which the salary cap is based upon. The NBA Owners Association wishes to reduce the NBPA’s percentage of BRI to around 46 percent while the NBPA is only willing to lower their percentage to around 52 percent. The conflict between […]

Porque no podemos utilizar estímulos o la flexibilización para obtener prosperidad

By: Alexander Cartwright ’13* A pesar de toda la retórica política y todas las divisiones políticas de hoy, todos quieren una solución a “la gran rescisión del 2008”. No es sorpresa que miremos al gobierno para ayudar nuestra economía. Desafortunadamente nuestros deseos de creer que el gobierno sabe todo y puede hacer lo que es mejor […]

Taming the Tiger: How Competition Works Better Than Surveys

By: Franklin Bowers ‘13 If you’ve ever needed a quick meal or a snack during off hours from the commons, I’m sure you have been to the Tiger Inn; the “pub” located in the basement of Settle Hall. While you were there you may have noticed the surveys asking questions such as: What would you […]

The Tragic Loss of Bill Gates

Last week the world lost one of its most creative and productive citizens, Steve Jobs, to pancreatic cancer; a nasty disease that cut down a truly amazing human being at the young age of 56. Facebook profile tributes and sticky note memorials have become ubiquitous as the grateful consumers of the products Jobs brought to […]

Economic Growth 101: The “Game” of Trade

By: Alexander Cartwright, H-SC ’13 It seems that the one thing Americans of all political ideologies can agree on is the importance of a solution to the economic uncertainty that has gripped the United States since 2008. Therefore, it is no surprise that we look to the government to get our economy growing again. Unfortunately, […]