I have put together an ever-growing series of illustrated tours of Greek archaeological sites and other places of interest from my several visits (please see my curriculm vitae for details about my experiences and opportunities for funding a summer studying abroad). Since I have benefited from the great knowledge of those who have taught me about these places, included in this section of my site are not only great pictures of these places (it is pretty hard to take bad pictures of Greece!), but clear (I hope) and interesting (again…I hope) explanations for what you are looking at. Just click on the name of a site from the list on the left to take your tour. You will arrive at a page loaded with thumbnails. You then can choose between viewing a power point slide show overview of the site, larger versions of the thumbnails, or illustrated lectures about the site, by way of which you also have access to a larger view of each picture. Happy surfing!

DISCLAIMER: These tours are photo-driven. In other words, no matter how important a detail might be to a tour of the site, if I didn’t take a picture of it, it’s not here. Please do not assume that these are the be-all and end-all lectures on these sites. This is just my small contribution to a huge collection of material already available via the world wide web (updating the webliography for each subject is an on-going project). Your biggest resource, of course, remains the scholarship in the field. If you see something here that interests you, why not read a book or two on the subject? I will be glad to recommend something.

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