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Training for Elite Performance Stephen Robinson ‘83 isn’t kidding when he tells Engage he’s “pursued a number of different interests since graduation.” The CEO and co-founder of the Colorado-based MAGIS Group took an interesting path to develop his current work helping a range of clients—from athletes to military personnel—optimize performance under stress. After graduating from […]

Inspiration comes in the strangest places. It hit Randy Ashton ’01 on a train in Norway, while he was shooting photos for his second book, A Celebration of Salmon Rivers. Following graduation from Hampden-Sydney with a history degree, Ashton had been pursuing his passion for outdoor photography, but then came the idea for a new […]

Carter Hudgins ‘00 credits his father—a fellow historian and archeologist—with first instilling his interest in preserving the past. Growing up, family trips consisted of visiting a majority of the historic sites on the East Coast. Hudgins, though, says it was his time at Hampden-Sydney that ultimately fostered turning his interests into a career. During his […]