Let’s Get Back in Touch

Bill Howard

I’m proud to say that I made many life-long friends during my time at Hampden-Sydney. Even though I graduated back in 1977, I still get together with 25 of my fraternity brothers every year and play golf. As a small, unified college, we’re not an institution that gives students an education that’s four years and done. It’s a lifetime experience where you form bonds with classmates that continue to get stronger as the years go on. Even among fellow alumni who graduated in different decades, there’s an unspoken connection that’s always felt within the Hampden-Sydney brotherhood. We’re a family, and even though our members are spread throughout the country, it’s important for us to work together to keep our bonds strong.

Of course, we all have busy lives with important things happening everyday, so the Alumni Association would like to reach out to the entire Hampden-Sydney community. In the coming months, we’re going to make a dedicated effort to get back in touch. We’ll do it with a series of alumni profiles, so you can catch up with old classmates and friends, even when time doesn’t afford the opportunity to pick up the phone. This will also allow alumni from different generations to engage one another, so we can foster relationships between all graduates of Hampden-Sydney. We’re going to share success stories, and connect our community through the shared interests of faculty, current students, and alumni. As members of this tight-knit group, I believe it’s incumbent upon all of us to stay connected. There are more friendships to be made, so in the coming year, let’s make an effort to get together.

Bill Howard, ‘77
President-elect of the Alumni Association