Integrated Marketing Communications Working Group

The Strategic Plan passed by the Board of Trustees on November 5, 2011, mandates a greater commitment to marketing the College with the specific goals of increasing the number and quality of applicants, increasing the level of alumni participation in annual giving, increasing retention, and increasing the College’s name recognition.  Although it is easy to state these goals in broad terms, there are a number subtleties contained in each.

To achieve these goals will require an integrated approach to marketing communications – both external and internal – based on cooperation across departments.  Each department which is primarily concerned with student recruitment, alumni relations and giving, retention, and general marketing has unique functions.  Integrated marketing communications does not supplant those unique functions; it strives to find commonalities.

To this end, an Integrated Marketing Communications Working Group was established in May 2012 by President Howard.  The Working Group will compliment, on the staff level, the work of the Marketing Committee of the Board of Trustees.  With the President’s approval, Tommy Shomo, Director of Marketing and Communications asked the following to serve as members of the Working Group.

Working Group Members:
Sandra P. Cooke, Director of College Events
Dr. Evan R. Davis, Associate Professor of English – Admissions Committee
Cheryle M. Dixon, Webmaster
Jason M. Ferguson, Director of Admissions
Anita H. Garland, Dean of Admissions
Dr. Christopher B. Howard, President – ex officio
Dr. V. Dale Jones, V-P for Strategy, Administration, and Board Affairs
Dr. H. Lee King, V-P for Institutional Advancement
Dr. David A. Klein, Dean of Students
William Moss – Director of Mobile and Social Media
Thomas H. Shomo, Director of Marketing & Communications
R. Davis Yake, Sports Information Director