Committees and Topics

The Committee structure for 2016 Model UN will consist of

A Plenary General Assembly  And if sufficient demand a

Security Council followed by an

Economic and Social Council.

The General Assembly will have two person delegations.   The Security Council will have one person delegations and an Environmental Council will have one person delegations.

When you sign up for the Conference your school should indicate in which organs you would like to participate and further indicate your top three preferred states for each organ.  The Security Council will be composed of 15 members and the Environmental Council will have approximately one third of the membership of the General Assembly.

Committee Topics for the 2016 HS-FSMUN

General Assembly

Production, Transportation, Sale, and Use of Drugs

Adequacy of the Global Response to Zika virus

Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Children

Food Security

Security Council

Status of Sanction on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Children in Armed Conflict

The Humanitarian Situation in Syria

Boko Haram in West Africa

Environmental Council

Environmentally Sustainable Development in South Sudan

Sustainable Tourism

Status and Condition of the Arctic

Monitoring and Protecting Global Fish Stocks