G’Day from Australia 2016

Ryan Kluk

Blog 7: Sanctuary Zones in Ningaloo

A marine sanctuary zone is an area in the ocean that is specifically set aside for conservation. All marine life, corals and fish, and the habitat if completely protected from human impacts and pollution. There is a total of twenty-one sanctuary zones along the Ningaloo Reef. The sanctuary zones allow for humans to look, but not take. These zones are one of the most effective ways of protecting the species that live in the reef and conserving the true nature and beauty of the reef.

The Ningaloo Marine Park, which encompasses the entire reef and the sanctuary zones, protect Australia’s largest fringing reef. A fringing reef is a coral reef that lies close to the shore. Since the sanctuary zones are protected, they make great spots for snorkeling for tourists and help the ecotourism industry that relies on the Ningaloo Reef. Not only is the snorkeling great, but the sanctuary zones offer heaps of information and visuals about the biodiversity of Ningaloo. The sanctuary zones also allow scientists to run research just like we did with the Tridacna maxima. Scientists have the ability to understand species in their natural habitat with limit to no human disruptions.

Sanctuary zones help preserve nature as it was meant to be, while providing researchers and tourists the opportunity to see the beauty nature has to offer.

Striped convicts, swimming in the Nigaloo Reef.
Striped convicts, swimming in the Nigaloo Reef.

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