A Year in London 2016/17

Adrian Guerra
January has been a tough month so far. Unlike in the states, LSE Students take their midterms during the first week of the month. I have spent weeks holed up in the library before the exams and all that is left is to hope I did well on them. I had two days off after taking my exams and then resumed with my classes. LSE’s classes are yearlong, so fortunately starting this semester did not require a big transition from last semester. Working and studying has proven to be a handful and very time consuming; however, it has been a wonderful experience and I believe this opportunity will definitely help me next year when I am applying for jobs. London is starting to feel more like home now, I feel more familiar with the city, the lingo, the culture, and most importantly the school. Compared to H-SC the weather here is phenomenal, it’s not warm by any mean but at least there is no snow here in London. Reflecting back on my time here, it’s crazy to think that I have already been here a full semester, time just seems to be flying by. I hope to get to travel more around Europe this semester and I am making it my goal to also explore London to its fullest.

Chin Chin

Chin Chin Lab

Last week, I went to the Lion King musical and it was outstanding, they use the whole theater to their advantage and it was just a phenomenal experience. Afterwards, I went to a very renowned ice cream shop here in London called Chin Chin Lab and had the best hot chocolate and ice cream cookie sandwich I’ve ever had. This past Sunday I decided to visit the James Bond Museum, which as a huge fan of the movies, was something I have been meaning to do for a while. The museum is composed of every car, plane, gun, or gadget ever used in a James Bond movie. Being a LSE student and living in London has been an amazing experience and I cherish this opportunity more and more every day.

James Bond Museum

James Bond Museum

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