A Year in London 2016/17

Adrian Guerra
February reminded me that the sun and blue skies do exist. Since my arrival in September, I had not seen the sun or felt relatively warm weather and in that sense, February has been amazing. London is becoming livelier and less grim, which had been the vibe for most of January. School is only getting tougher, but I seem to be adapting to the European style of study, which makes this semester feel much better than the last one.We are currently on Reading week, which means we have a break from non-quantitative classes, unfortunately for me that means I only get a break from one of my courses.
I managed to get ahead of my classes so that I could take a trip with some of my friends, and Barcelona was our chosen destination. Barcelona was beyond amazing, the people were so welcoming, which is a nice change compared to the more closed off environment found here in London. The Sagrada familia has become my favorite building in all of Europe, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as breath taking as the magnitude of this church which has been under construction for one hundred and thirty one years, as odd as that may sound. The food in London is not very good, so it was also nice to eat better food in Barcelona, I think I might have eaten my body weight in paella and tapas. We spent a whole day on the beach drinking, eating, and soaking up the sun. This trip was exactly what I needed, just coming off exams and classes starting to get overly difficult again, this was the break I needed so desperately.
As much as I am enjoying my time abroad, it’s hard to say I don’t miss good ol’ H-SC, there really is no place like home.

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