A Year in London 2016/17

Adrian Guerra
March has been fairly hectic since it marks the ending of our lent term here at LSE. All my classes have crammed assignments due for this last week of class before spring break so my time management skills have definitely been tested. London has definitely cheered up and the parks seem so lively now. I took advantage of the warm weather and set out on an adventure around London. I feel like I have been so caught up with schoolwork that I have forgotten to explore and appreciate my time here. I decided to be a tourist in this city that I’ve had the pleasure to call home for more than half a year.

The London Eye

The London Eye

The view from the London eye is spectacular, granted once you’ve reached the top the way down is not that exciting, but still definitely a worthwhile ride.

Churchill's Map Room

Churchill’s Map Room

Afterwards I made the commute to the Churchill War Rooms, which is a museum that tells the story of Churchill’s life and even has a WWII bunker to explore. The neat thing about this bunker is that it has the map room, which has remained untouched since 1945, where Churchill used to meet with his cabinet to coordinate movements during the war.

Frued's Library

Frued’s Library

Another museum I ended up going to was Freud’s house which was preserved by his daughter Anna until her death in 1982. What I found fascinating was his library, all the books were completely worn out. I can’t even begin to imagine how many times they were read and featured authors like Goethe and Shakespeare. This month I also starting playing with a recreational basketball team composed of several students from the states and a couple grad students. As a team we decided to challenge the LSE teams and managed to beat the third and second team, which means we will have the chance to play against the best team here at LSE soon. School is wrapping up and the anxiousness of the upcoming exams is definitely visible on most students already. I definitely cherish this opportunity to have come to such a great academic school and fully realize how amazing this opportunity is. I would encourage everyone at H-SC to at least consider coming abroad, it’s an experience they will never forget.

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