Tanner Voliva: Post 2

Tanner Voliva
UVA Valencia
Valencia, Spain
Fall 2021

Hola from Valencia!

After spending about a month in Spain, I have come to find many new aspects about Spanish culture, American culture, and new aspects about myself! It’s quite interesting to see how all of these interact with each other and how they make me view life here in Valencia, Spain. One brand new aspect of life for myself is that of the daily commute; before arriving in Spain, I had never taken public transportation before! However, I now use the public metro as a way to arrive at the University and the public buses to return home. I also walk in order to explore new parts of the city. By using public transportation you can pinpoint different cultural aspects; it’s quite interesting to see how much people differ here in Valencia. There are many different clothing styles to see – especially as men’s jorts are in style here. I do have to say…jorts are the way to go and are really easy!









There are also many different way in which people carry conversations. Here in Valencia, many people use voice recordings or talk-to-text methods of communication; which is cool to me because I never really used those methods before coming here. Using these methods of communication seem to be more appreciated and easily accessible compared to others. That being said, time frames for many things are lenient once you’ve explained the situation. Spanish time – as they call it – runs anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes behind schedule. Most people are fashionably late using Spanish time. Overall, my time abroad has been spectacular and has been filled with all new experiences that I would’ve never imagined before traveling to Valencia, Spain! However, after spending my time here eating new foods, introducing myself to new people, and working my way through entirely new scenarios…I am very happy to say that I wouldn’t change my decision to study abroad in Valencia, Spain!

Not only has my time here been amazing, but I’ve also made some amazing friends! Many of which will remain lifelong friends!

Yet, one of the most special and important people I’ve met continues to be Doña María José Slavador. María José has been so kind and accepting during my stay here in Valencia. She is also an amazing cook!