Archive of Notes from the Director

  • October Notes from the Director

    Dr. Daniella Widdows
    Director of Global Education and Study Abroad
    October 16, 2020

    Well, September was a busy month and so, here it is October! Fall weather has really begun to set in and the campus is beautiful. While the days are still pleasant, keep an eye out for the Global Ed student workers running info tables outside the library. Zac, Maxwell, and Blake are ready to answer your questions about Global Ed programs.

    A reminder that the Critical Language Scholarship applications are due soon and now is the time to start on your Boren scholarship applications. Best wishes for all our applicants!

    And now this month’s big news: the first, hopefully annual, Global Ed photo contest.

    Interested in submitting? Use this link: Photo Contest Form. Images and voting instructions will be posted here and on Instagram in November. There will also be a kiosk in the library lobby where you can view the slideshow of entries.

  • August Notes from the Director

    Dr. Daniella Widdows
    Director of Global Education and Study Abroad
    August 31, 2020
    It’s been great seeing so many familiar, albeit partial, faces and meeting new students these past couple of weeks!  Office traffic in our new location at Blake A so far is very similar to last year’s, which given the new building and the global pandemic is wonderful.   Please don’t hesitate to mask up and stop by!  My office has room for social distancing and enough equipment to meet and do the advising process safely.
    We are still building our fall events calendar, but here are two items of note for September:
    Also, students wishing to apply for external funding for upcoming programs should begin reviewing the application processes now. 
    • Mid-September: Fund for Education Abroad Scholarship
    • Early October: Gilman International Scholarship
    • Mid-October: Japan Bridging Scholarship
    • Mid-November: Critical Language Scholarship
    Not ready to apply for a program or funding, but want to keep an eye on what’s happening in the world?  Check out the DailyChatter newsletter designed specifically for students.

  • July Notes from the Director

    Dr. Daniella Widdows
    Director of Global Education and Study Abroad
    July 31, 2020

    Returning to campus after completing a Global Ed program?  Even though due to Covid-19 you have likely been home for several months now, returning to H-SC may be a strange adjustment.  Campus is going to look and feel different this year, and not only because you have been studying off the hill.  That said, here are some tips and resources returners often find helpful.

    Build on the new:  Keep in touch with the friends and mentors you gained.  Join LinkedIn groups that speak to your new connections and interests.  Keep up with the media (news, movies, music, etc.) made in or about your host location.  Continue practicing the language or new hobbies you started.  Learn to cook a few dishes from your host location or order treats from international sources online.  Explore local communities, themed restaurants, film series, etc. in Virginia.  (Need help finding resources?  Just ask!)

    Reconnect with H-SC:  Your close friends and family have no doubt heard a lot about your time away already, but your professors and other friends and mentors here at H-SC would love to hear from you as well.   What did you learn?  What did you enjoy?  What did you miss about being on campus?  What do you miss now?  What pictures do you have to share?  What new things are you interested in exploring now that you’re back?  And, don’t forget, if your campus friends/roommates no longer seem interested, Ms. Wright and I are always eager to enthuse with you!

    Encourage others to consider a Global Ed program:  There are lots of ways to help out and returners are the best advocates!  Write an article for The Tiger.  Organize a returners tailgate group at a sports event. Offer to do a presentation for other students in your major or as a class presentation.  Hold an info session at your dorm or fraternity, or for your clubs or sports groups.  Global Ed is happy to help you organize and create targeted materials for any presentations or gatherings.  And we are looking for help creating videos to promote study abroad and study away.  Have other suggestions or interested in participating in Global Ed info sessions and class visits?  We’d love to hear from you!

    Reflect to move forward:  Talk with your advisors, Global Ed, and the Career Center to help you clarify what skills you learned or enhanced while studying elsewhere.  What did you learn about yourself by participating (before, during, and after)?  Do you have new goals or ideas about what kind of life you want to build for yourself here at H-SC and after?  Work with the Career Center to discuss how best to represent yourself on your resume and in job applications and interviews, and to explore career paths and ways to network.

    We look forward to seeing you soon!

  • June Notes from the Director

    Dr. Daniella Widdows
    Director of Global Education and Study Abroad
    June 29, 2020

    What a year this has been!  While it was very sad that we had to recall students who were abroad this spring and cancelled summer programs, I remain impressed with how our Tigers demonstrated such resilience and good spirit after an abrupt and disappointing change.  The final posts of our spring bloggers will be online soon and speak to how transformative studying abroad can be, even in unanticipated ways, and I encourage you to read them.

    Another great read is from this spring’s Record and its Student Spotlight section. Rakeem Walker ’20 was interviewed about his time at H-SC and he has much to say about his time studying abroad in France in 2018. Definitely check it out!

    We in the Global Ed office are looking forward to welcoming
    students to campus in August. I have greatly enjoyed getting to meet some of
    our new freshmen and their parents, as a group or individually, at Summer
    Orientation these past few days.  I
    encourage all of you to consider how a Global Ed program can enhance your
    Hampden-Sydney education.  Do be in touch
    this summer if you have any questions or want to get a head start on exploring
    your options.  Otherwise, I look forward
    to having you stop by my office in Blake A in the fall!  

    A shout out to study abroad program alumni: would you like
    to encourage other Tigers to go abroad? If so, please be in touch!  I am updating our office materials this
    summer and would love to include you in a newly developed resource section of
    returner interviews.

  • April Notes from the Director

    Dr. Daniella Widdows 
    Director of Global Education and Study Abroad
    April 29, 2020

    We have a new location! After many wonderful years in Bagby Hall, Global Ed is now in Blake A 100/105.  Once campus reopens, we’d love to see you!  In the meantime, emailing or scheduling a virtual meeting is the best way to contact us while Ms. Wright and I are working remotely most of the week.   

    Usually at this time of year, we are working with dozens of students as they prepare to go abroad during the summer.  Of course, recent events mean that for the safety of all, the College has cancelled its own faculty-led programs and is not approving study abroad programs by other providers.  We are now looking ahead to next year, by working with students on rescheduling their abroad opportunities, planning four H-SC faculty-led programs for next summer, and organizing our new office space. 

    During this hiatus in abroad programs, we also encourage students to explore the world remotely and keep their abroad goals active. H-SC’s Career Services recently posted on their blog some great resources with which to start one’s e-journey and abroad-related skills enhancement.  And of course, please don’t hesitate to contact me — I am happy to help you explore your options and plan for the future!