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The International Film & Food Festival 2007

The International Film & Food Festival
Saturday, October 27, 2007
By Benjamin M. Brown ‘10

On Friday, October 26th, the International Club held its annual “Film & Food Festival”. The event was highly anticipated by club members and guests alike. Though the weather was dreary and the night seemingly quiet, the event was in no way dampened. With a warm welcome from the International Club President, Achhunna Mali ‘08, the guests helped themselves to the club’s themed entrées. The banquet consisted of Basmati Rice, Chicken Curry (Indian delicacy), and Causa Rellena con Verdures (Peruvian vegetable dish). The scent from these delectable culinary masterpieces filled the room with a spirited atmosphere that was a considerably inviting contrast to the rain outside.
However, the rain was not all in vain because it complemented the New Delhi setting of the movie Monsoon Wedding (2001). This movie presented a romantic and masterful view into the culture of a family caught between the celebration of tradition and the stark transition to changes in the world at large. The characters in the film are burdened by individual struggles with obligation, class boundaries, and morality amid a common theme of love. However, liberation finds everyone in the end when, under the cooling torrent of the monsoons, all the burdens are washed away inspiring everyone to dance and celebrate the union of two embodiments of the new and different generation.
This film was a truly profound representation of the community life here at Hampden-Sydney. We are all in one way or another weighed down by the stresses of everyday life, but thanks to events like the “Film & Food Festival” we can all unite and relieve ourselves of the weight college life imposes. The International Club thanks all those who attended the event and encourages others to find their way to future events so that we can all learn about and be inspired by the many different aspects of the world’s various cultures.

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