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List of events in chronological order for Fall Semester 2008

List of events in chronological order for Fall Semester 2008
(Subject to Change)

Thursday 11th of September – Seminar
5:30 PM at parents and friends
Talk by Ben Brown and Brett Chonko
Nay volunteered for writing article, Mohit responsible for pictures

Monday 15th of September – Trip to sweet Briar
Carpooling with Ben, Alex, and Will Thomas

Tuesday 16th of September – Chinese moon festival
To be held in the International House
Nay volunteered to write article.

Friday 19th of September – Euro Tour
Leaving campus around 3:00
Starts at 6:30 and ends around 9:30
Potentially spending time around DC after that and coming back later

Thursday 9th of October – Seminar
Basil and Osric talking about Jamaica
Time-potentially 5:00
Alex Burner volunteered to write article

Thursday 16th of October – Film and Food Festival
Mira Nair’s The Namesake – The Greatest Journeys Are The Ones That Bring You Home!

Friday 17th of October/ Saturday 18th of October – Festival of India
Trip to Richmond
Lots of Indian food
All day event

Thursday 13th of November – Seminar
Nay talking about Myanmar (Burma)
Week of 10th – 15th November – Fundraiser
Up for discussion
Thanksgiving party to be hosted by Prof. Buckley

December 1st to 10th – Shoes and Sandles Drive
To benefit the children in Honduras
ROW trip to assist in transporting the proceedings

If you all have any wishes or ideas as to any speaker that you would like to bring, please talk about it to us.

If you find any errors, or need to add any thing, please let any one of the executive members. Members know. Thank you all for the support.

Mr. Bikash Acharya

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