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Events for September 2010

Int’l House Open House – September 14, 5:30PM

– Open to all students, faculty, and staff

– Combined with Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

– Food will be served (come on time or it will all be gone!)

Euro Night at the French Embassy – September 17

Meet at Int’l House by 3:15PM at the latest

We will sponsor half the admission price ($15 by student, $15 by club) for the first twelve people to respond to my “Euro Night” email.

Transportation will be provided for those first twelve students.

Indian Festival in Richmond

Preference given to students who do not make the Euro Night cut.

Transportation will be paid for, admission is free, each individual will be responsible for paying for food, etc.


Capoeira Performance

September 27, 8pm, Crawley Forum

–     all members should make the effort to attend

This list is just for September. There are many events for October and November which are still in the planning stage. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at kirklandb@hsc.eduor Mohit Shrestha at

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