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Club History

The International Club became a part of the H-SC community in the 2004-2005 academic year. The number of international students had risen significantly during the early 2000s. The founding members had the idea that the international and other culturally interested students should be represented by a club of their own. Ever since then, the International Club has grown quite significantly and is one of the most active clubs on campus today. In recognition of this, the International Club was granted a house of its own in the academic year 2006-2007 and found a temporary residence in Burrell House. The International Club aims to foster relations through cultural awareness and promote understanding among various cultures at Hampden-Sydney College. We work closely with other culturally active College groups such as MSU, Spanish Club, French Club etc.. Every semester we host a series of cultural and social events in which many faculty members and students participate.

Cultural Events
The International Club is widely known for its active contribution to the H-SC community. This year again we have lined up many fun and exciting cultural events such as the now renowned Film and Food Festival, the International Fair, Indian Chai reception as well as Seminars, which are student presentations about cultural, social and political aspects of their home countries. We also make trips to cultural events at other venues, eg. Festival of India in Richmond, Indian Dance Performance at Sweet Briar College etc.. The club also contributes to our society through various volunteer events. The members work closely with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and F.A.C.E.S. Additionally, community events such as clothes drives and fund raisers are held to help the less fortunate.

Social events
The International Club encourages and motivates its members to experience overall college life by excelling both academically and socially. The International House is a hub not only for receiving help from the other members, but also serves as a rendezvous point to socialize outside of classes. Several social events such as movie nights, poker nights etc. are targeted mainly to let go of the academic stress and interact with other people. They are opportunities to get to know one another and share cultural similarities as well as differences. This makes International House the best place to be. Come and be a part of the culturally rich community where there is lots to learn and lots of opportunities to explore and grasp.

The International House
Starting with the academic year 2008-2009, The International Club has a permanent abode in what is known as the Music House in Fraternity Circle. It is a venue for the meetings and most of the social and cultural events of the International Club. The house is open to all for public events. It is also a place of residence for international as well as non-international club members to promote cultural understanding and an international way of life. The residents of the International House are active members of the International club and participate in all the activities. Applications for residency should be addressed to the current house manager, Mohit Shrestha who is responsible for room allocation and budgeting. The International House is under the supervision of the Dean of Intercultural Affairs, Mladen Cvijanovic.