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New Pi Mu Epsilon Members 2016

Pi Mu Epsilon is a non-secret honor society whose purpose is the promotion and recognition of scholarly activity in the mathematical sciences.  This year the HSC chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon inducted six new members (see above; from left to right): Atticus O’Brien, Carlo Anselmo, John Kroencke, Adam Witham, Conrad Brown and Benjamin Lam.

Problem of the Month Winners 2016

This year there was a tie for the year’s Problem of the Month winner.  Both Branch Vincent (left below) and Conrad Brown (right) solved the most number of correct solutions for the year.  Congratulations to the winners!  This year the winners received gift cards to Walmart.

Joint Mathematics Meetings 2015

A few members of the Mathematics and Computer Science department attended the national Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Antonio in January, 2015.  The conference is an annual meeting of the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America.  At the meeting Dr. Rebecca Jayne gave two talks, entitled “A Hybrid IBL/Traditional Abstract Algebra Class” […]

Dave Whyte’s Mathematical GIFs

One example:   Another: More here: Bees&Bombs via Colossal via io9

The Best Jobs of 2014

Check out CareerCast’s list of top jobs.  Here are some top jobs in which the Math/CS department at HSC can help prepare you: 1. Mathematician 2. Tenured University Professor 3. Statistician 4. Actuary 7. Software Engineer 8. Computer Systems Analyst

New Pi Mu Epsilon Members

Congratulations to the newest members of Pi Mu Epsilon at Hampden-Sydney College!  Pi Mu Epsilon is a national mathematics honor society whose purpose is the promotion and recognition of scholarly activity among students.

Problem of the Month Winner

Solutions to this year’s Problem of the Month were presented Wednesday, April 30, 2014.  Student presenters included Casey Grimes, Shawn Stum, Michael Salita, and Francis Polakiewicz.  Professor Robb Koether also presented a solution.  Student Linh Nguyen received a cash prize for correctly solving the most number of problems for the year.  Dr. Brian Lins presented […]

Congratulations to the new members of Pi Mu Epsilon!

  Pi Mu Epsilon is the National Mathematics Honorary Society of the United States and its purpose is to encourage scholarly mathematical activities.  We congratulate the new members and current members.  You can check out the organization at

Want a good job? Do the Math/CS!

The very idea of a “top 5” list is kind of mathematical, isn’t it?  Check out this list of the top 5 jobs from Four out of the five are Math/CS jobs: mathematician, actuary, statistician, and computer system analyst. Do the Math/CS!

Pascals Triangle in Five Colors

Here is a color image of Pascal’s triangle, with each number colored based on its value modulo 5. You can see how the pattern is self-similar like the Sierpinski gasket. Click for higher resolution