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A Neat Multiplication Trick

The following video of “Japanese” multiplication has been floating around the internet recently. [youtube][/youtube] I thought it might make an interesting post to explain how it works. Every part of this trick matches exactly what you were taught to do in elementary school. Check out the following example: The blue lines in the image above […]

The Tau Manifesto

Here is a delightful article on why would make a better fundamental constant than . I’ve wondered about this before, and I have to say, I agree with the author!

Hampden-Sydney Teams Excel in COMAP Competition

Hampden-Sydney’s first foray into the prestigious COMAP Mathematical Competition in Modeling was an unqualified success.  All three teams did an outstanding job in the contest, and will receive certificates from COMAP recognizing their work.  Team Beta did especially well, with team members Cameron Auker, Nathan Parr, and Doug Vermilya earning a coveted “Meritorious” award for their […]

Odds Are, It’s Wrong

The current issue of Science News has an interesting article on the use and misuse of statistics in science.  There is a good discussion on the general lack of understanding of the concept of statistical significance within the scientific community.  The article also touches on the problem of testing multiple hypotheses simultaneously, and on the […]

H-SC COMAP Teams Successfully Finish Contest

On Monday evening Hampden-Sydney’s three COMAP teams successfully completed the arduous Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM), capping off a banner year in which H-SC competed in math contests at the regional, national, and international levels.  H-SC’s Team Alpha, consisting of Matthew Carrington, Miguel Mogollon, and Tian Shihao, submitted their paper, entitled “Give Me a Bat, […]

COMAP Snapshots

Hampden-Sydney COMAP’ers Tian Shihao, Paul Cottrell, Douglas Vermilya, Matthew Carrington, Miguel Mogollon, Ke Shang, Cameron Auker, and Nathan Parr have been hard at work on the 2010 COMAP MCM problems.  Twenty four hours into the contest, the teams took a break to chow-down on sandwiches from Merk’s Place. Team Beta is working on the Criminology […]

Hampden-Sydney Competes in COMAP Mathematical Contest in Modeling

Three teams from Hampden-Sydney College are competing in the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP) Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM): Team Alpha: Matthew Carrington, Miguel Mogollon, and Tian Shihao. Team Beta: Cameron Auker, Nathan Parr, and Douglas Vermilya. Team Gamma: Paul Cottrell and Ke Shang. The COMAP MCM is a prestigious international contest in which […]

From Fish to Infinity

The New York times has invited guest columnist Steven Strogatz to talk about what mathematicians do. In his first essay, he gives a great introduction to numbers with some help from Sesame Street. Check it out at:

Hampden-Sydney Students Excel on the VTRMC

Hampden-Sydney students Avery Moncure, Ke Shang, and Tian Shihao scored highly on the Virginia Tech Regional Math Competion this year. Over 500 students from around the country competed on the exam. Freshman Ke Shang received the high score from Hampden-Sydney of 13 points, placing him in the top third of competitors nationwide. Both Tian Shihao […]

H-SC competes in Virginia Tech Regional Mathematics Competition

Hampden-Sydney students Matthew Carrington, Avery Moncure, Ke Shang, Tian Shihao, and Alex Smith participated in the Virginia Tech Regional Mathematics Competition (VTRMC) on Saturday, October 24.  More than 130 colleges and universities throughout Virginia, DC, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia and other states are […]