Revised Design Addressing Comments Received

Thanks for the comments received here and through email! The Design Committee has made changes to the draft web design based on the comments received from Faculty, Staff, Students, and Alumni.

Over 50% of responses expressed concern over the column with the student image and profile.  While most liked the idea of personal stories about students, alumni, and faculty, the column with the cut-out images was deemed distracting, breaking the flow of information on the page, and difficult to adapt department level content around.  The people have spoken… the column has been removed.

General comments included: too busy, needs to be simpler and cleaner, add video to homepage, make font larger, needs global navigation, some images too slow loading, department name not evident on pages, add diversity in images, show off athletic successes more, dislike audience links, put crest in banner, dislike cut-out images background is important, would like a liquid layout.

In response to these comments, Quick Links was added at top, a few text links were dropped there.  The header now has a background image that expands to the full-width of the viewing screen.  Global navigation was added under the Audience links that will show on all pages.  The bottom row of images was dropped to simplify the design.  Fonts were increased in size.  The three stories with the small images on the College homepage may include still images or videos.

Please consider all content as placeholder.  These are templates only.  The real content will be developed over the coming months.

See the screen shots below.

Feel free to comment here or send email to or

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College homepage


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One thought on “Revised Design Addressing Comments Received

  1. I think this is vastly improved, thank you. Thank you for making us a quick link! I think on the athletics website, the links for and the athletic complex are a little distracting. They don’t fit in with the rest of the page well.
    One last note though-our office should also be listed with academics and student life.

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