Content Reorganization 2013

In preparation for the website redesign this summer, we are in the process of updating and streamlining the website content (this includes the text that you read, the pictures you see, and the menus that help you find what you are looking for). This process will make the website both a more effective recruiting tool for prospective students and a more user-friendly and accessible site for everyone who uses it. We hope the website will more effectively introduce prospective students and their families to the H-SC experience by using contemporary language, engaging imagery, and appropriate, efficient design.

This process offers staff members in charge of content an opportunity to evaluate their content, update it and ideally, streamline it. In order to meet the summer 2013 launch date, we are already working to gather, edit, and organize information. To streamline the website we will be:

  1. Reviewing web content/info ito be sure it is current and updated (and even purge old/outdated/no-longer useful info)
  2. Reorganizing the menus, where appropriate (on the left of your computer screen), to consolidate and organize info to fit the new design

You may be contacted soon, if not already, to discuss your section of the website. We will make every effort to provide you with realistic deadlines, so please be diligent and timely as you work with us.

Throughout the next few months, you may begin to see some slight reorganization of the menus on the left side of your screen (with your approval, of course). In an effort to help our users (including internal and external H-SC users) more easily find what they are searching for, we are trying to shorten and simplify the menu lists. Though some information will need to be sub-categorized (much like an outline), it will still appear on the screen in the final design execution of the new website as a sub-heading. All of these changes will reflect what has been requested by campus constituents from the Website Re-design focus groups and from recommendations made by the consulting group, AdCraft. We hope that you will be patient and cooperative as we work through the process of making our website current, fresh, and easier to use.