Teddy Bilodeau: Post 1

Teddy BilodeauProvider: IES Vienna, Austria2023 Spring One of the driving factors that led me to study abroad was stepping outside of my comfort zone. I knew no one in my program, or whom would be studying on Vienna for that matter. I would have no other option than to go out of my way and have conversations with complete strangers, hopefully meeting some friends along the way. Fortunately, I have met some life-long friends so far, which reminds me of my freshman year at Hampden-Sydney where I found myself in the same position. Studying abroad has always been appealing to […]

Silas Avis: Post 4

Silas AvisProvider: LSELondon, England2022/23 Year Abroad One thing that I have had to adjust to is the life of constantly relying on public transportation. If there is one thing I will not miss when I get back to the US is cramming into a packed tube car with a hundred other strangers at rush hour trying to get wherever I need to be. Driving is a luxury that I miss the most and when I get back, I am going on a long drive just because I can. The city makes a strong push to eliminate the use of private […]

Silas Avis: Post 2

Silas AvisProvider: LSELondon, England2022/23 Year Abroad I never appreciated how different the intensity of sporting events is when you are here versus when you are in the US. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend several matches as well as an NFL game, all which felt extremely different than any sporting event that I have been to back home. I’ve been an Aston Villa fan for several years now despite them just barely avoiding relegation the past few years, but I would never call myself anything more than a casual fan at best. But at the start of the new year […]

Spring 2023

STAY TUNED!  The following students will be heading to their study abroad locations soon and will blog for us this semester. TEDDY BILODEAUIES Center & Wien UniversityVienna, AustriaProvider: IES COLTON CHAPMANUniversity of SydneySydney, AustraliaProvider: IFSA JONATHAN PERSONAIFS Global Education CenterRome, ItalyProvider: AIFS JAKE PORTERLondon School of Economics & Political ScienceLondon, EnglandProvider: LSE

Jake Porter: Post 3

Jake PorterProvider: LSELondon, England2022/23 Year Abroad People dress differently in London. Almost everyone wears business casual or formal attire. London is a fashionable city; however, the cold and windy weather certainly encourages long pants and large coats. I haven’t changed the way I dress other than wearing pants and a jacket more often. People dress the way I expected them to. Attire is like New York City with very few colors being worn. People in London work diligently while remembering to enjoy life throughout the week. I have significantly more time freedom in London than at Hampden-Sydney. Attendance is taken […]