Summer Term Posts

  • Summer 2024 Bloggers Announced!

    We are delighted to have the following students blog for us this summer.  Follow us on Instagram to see when a new post is added.

    Leland Blanchard
    Kaohsiung, Taiwan
    Program: ProjectGo
    I love learning Chinese. There’s something about the complicated characters and funny grammar rules that makes even the most tedious assignment fulfilling. At Hampden-Sydney, I was encouraged by both my professors (especially Dr. Varholy in the English Department) and my peers to think about studying abroad. I was told about Project Global Officer, a fully funded opportunity for ROTC Cadets from across the United States … Project Global Officer funds numerous Chinese programs provided by a variety of schools, but the one hosted by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University stood out to me. Unlike most programs, it wasn’t hosted in Taipei, Taiwan’s capital city. Instead, we’d be in Kaohsiung, a coastal city known for its night markets and beaches, for two months.
    As a national security minor and Wilson Center Fellow, my primary goals for studying Mandarin in Taiwan are a bit cliche: to develop fluency in a language of strategic importance to the United States and to gain experience in such a critical region. However, my aspirations behind this opportunity go far beyond that – I want to learn more about East Asian urbanism (such as the high-speed trains), Taiwan’s economy (my program is going to tour a pineapple factory), and the culture (especially boba tea, karaoke, and indoor shrimping).

    David Jerzak
    Sawtooth, Idaho
    Program: H-SC May Term Away
    I chose the Expeditionary Leadership program in Idaho because for me, seeing the sunrise from the Sawtooth Range would be a dream come true…Wilderness is something I have been longing for. Our world has largely been discovered, mapped, and even populated. Sometimes I feel that I was born too late because there are no more unexplored places, no more terra incognita. However, among the peaks of the Sawtooth Range, there are places with no tourist trails, quite possibly places where no human foot had treaded…My goals are to learn and appreciate the wilderness and my companions. During our preparatory meeting, Mr. Schmolesky put a real paper map of the Sawtooth Range on the table and the trip participants had lunch while discussing the expedition and getting to know each other. Two of them are EMS-certified (one is also volunteer firefighter with the Hampden-Sydney Fire Department) and overall the group inspires confidence. I look forward to mastering both soft and hard skills, ranging from field first-aid, through preparing food and setting tents in adverse circumstances, to relying on myself and the people who will be there with me.

    Franklin West
    Dublin, Ireland
    Program: IES
    My family is from Ireland, and I would like to experience the culture. I am looking forward to my Irish history classes and the music and art enrichment opportunities. I am nervous about being away from my friends and family for so long, but I realize that I will make friends over there that I will stay in touch with. My goals in Ireland are to earn 6 credits towards my core and major requirements, make new friends, and learn about the country and culture.