Teddy Bilodeau: Post 1

Teddy BilodeauProvider: IES Vienna, Austria2023 Spring One of the driving factors that led me to study abroad was stepping outside of my comfort zone. I knew no one in my program, or whom would be studying on Vienna for that matter. I would have no other option than to go out of my way and have conversations with complete strangers, hopefully meeting some friends along the way. Fortunately, I have met some life-long friends so far, which reminds me of my freshman year at Hampden-Sydney where I found myself in the same position. Studying abroad has always been appealing to […]

Ethan Gaines: Post 3

Ethan Gaines H-SC May Term Abroad Vienna & Budapest Summer 2018 My experiences abroad in the imperial cities of Vienna and Budapest went above and beyond my previous expectations of the trip. I expected only a few statues and monuments carefully placed throughout the cities, but I learned quickly that we would easily view around a dozen during our rigorous and in-depth tours. The food was much better than I expected it would be, and there were even many American cafes and restaurants in walking distance from our hotels. I had no idea how the people there would react to […]

Ethan Gaines: Post 2

Ethan Gaines H-SC May Term Abroad Vienna & Budapest Summer 2018 Over the three weeks we were in Vienna and Budapest, we toured so many amazing museums and magnificent monuments. There was almost too much history in these two cities, which made it difficult to fit all of these historical sites into the schedule. In Vienna, we saw two incredibly appealing palaces in the Hofburg Palace and the Schloss Shonbrunn with its beautiful gardens. For museums, we toured the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum of Military History, the Wien Museum Karlsplatz of Vienna’s history, and the Jüdisches Museum Wien of Jewish history, life […]

Ethan Gaines: Post 1

Ethan Gaines H-SC May Term Abroad Vienna & Budapest Summer 2018 When we first arrived to Vienna, we started in a suburban town on the outskirts of the city that looked very similar to Virginia. Then, we traveled by bus to our hotel in the middle of the city and we immediately witnessed the grand architectural structures and monuments that made Vienna so beautiful. This major urban area had numerous restaurants, bars, and cafes we would later venture to after class. Budapest offered much of the same, but often times we had to take the metro as our hotel was […]

Conner Lachine: Salzburg, Austria

Conner Lachine AIFS Salzburg, Austria Fall 2015 Daily Life in Salzburg I live on the south side of Salzburg with about 1/3 of my group, so a fifteen minute bus ride is required to reach any place in town. Unipark, the plaza where most of my classes are held, is three bus stops towards city center from my building. The walk to my bus stop, the bus ride to the university stop, and walk to Unipark all together is a thirty minute commute. I found that riding a bike it takes only twenty minutes, so when weather permits, which is […]