May Term

May Term in Münster

Don Barry
May Term Abroad
Münster, Germany

Now that I have been here in Münster for two weeks, I have found myself falling into a routine that makes me feel as if I am a true Münster resident. I wake up every morning, to get ready and catch the Diekmannstraße Bus 11 to get to the Johann Schlaun Gymnasium, where our classes are held. As soon as I step of the bus at the Servatiplatz stop, I find myself in front of a bakery with the aroma of heaven. Each morning, I spend less than a euro for a small baked treat to eat for breakfast. I then walk a short distance to our school. After classes, I take the Tannenhof Bus 11 to return home. When I reach my stop to go home I find myself in front my favorite place in all of Münster. This place is a small, neighborhood Döner shop. Döner, is a Turkish sandwich filled with vegetables, tzatziki, and a mixture of chicken, beef, and lamb for the protein. Not only is the sandwich delicious and filling, but you are able to watch the chef shave the meat from a large cone that cooks rotisserie style. I realized my fascination with this restaurant had turned into an addiction, when the chef began to recognize me coming in so often and now knows my order completely. It is the simple things, like befriending the chef at your favorite eatery, that makes the connection to the city and the program even deeper.

As for our entire group, we’ve been very welcomed in the city of Münster. We were given a private tour of the town hall where the Treaty of Westphalia was signed. In addition, we were given another tour of the cities museum of art and culture. There were many fascinating paintings, including an original Andy Warhol.


Münster Group with Professors Johnson and Martz

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