Connor Brooks: Post 1

Connor BrooksH-SCMunster, GermanyMay Term Abroad 2022 We made it! First week in Münster was packed with things to do, faces to learn, and new sights to see. Dr. Johnson took us all over the city on Sunday pointing out all the important landmarks in the city and places we should spend time at. He noted several of the best restaurants and bars that students in previous years found themselves in quite often. He taught us about Münster and how the city tends to run. He added that cars are the least of your worries when walking about the city, the […]

Nick Zurasky: Post 4

Nick Zurasky H-SC May Term Abroad Münster, Germany Summer 2019 This is my last week in Germany! I will not lie I am excited to go home soon, but I will miss Germany so much. Just this past night I was out until 3:00 am talking at a bar with people from all over the world. Most were from Germany, but other nationalities include British, Russian, and even Czech. If there’s one thing that I will miss the most, it has to be these conversations. I think that it is the coolest thing that I can walk anywhere here and […]

Nick Zurasky: Post 3

Nick Zurasky H-SC May Term Abroad Münster, Germany Summer 2019 Germany is still amazing. Recently, I’ve been going back and forth from class doing my work and eating in town. To start my day, I typically will listen to music, hop onto my bus, and ride to the bus stop closest to my school. Many times, I will see average people, of whom most likely have average day to day activities just like me. That “averageness” is the most intriguing part of another country for me. Knowing that halfway across the world there are people who go to work, come […]

Nick Zurasky: Post 2

Nick Zurasky H-SC May Term Abroad Münster, Germany Summer 2019 This week has been a blast. It started out as a normal week with classes and walking around the city, but this weekend I went to Cologne. I ordered a ticket for a train earlier in the week, and this past Saturday I traveled to the city. On my way in, I did not see the main cathedral, but right out of the train station, I was met with the immense height of the cathedral. I felt pretty, insignificant standing under such a monolithic structure. The cathedral had delicate and […]

Nick Zurasky: Post 1

Nick Zurasky H-SC May Term Abroad Münster, Germany Summer 2019 I’ve never been to Europe before, so this is my first time experiencing a whole other culture 4,000 miles away from home. I will say that my first week and a half in Germany has been one of the best parts of my life so far. I have seen so many new and exciting places to explore, and I’ve loved every single place I have been to. I have already visited two castles while in Germany, and both of them have stunned me. Seeing just how old some of these […]

Donald Barry: Post 4

Donald Barry H-SC May Term Abroad Münster, Germany Summer 2018 Nearing the end of my trip here in Münster I can honestly say that it has been a blast. Individually I have met many unique and friendly people around the city. As a group we have recently been able to meet with a Parliament representative for North Rhein – Westphalia and see how the laws are made for the state we are staying in. I found it very interesting to see the State Parliament where laws could be made to impact the family of my favorite local döner shop, or […]