May Term

May Term in Münster

Donald Barry
May Term Abroad
Münster, Germany

Historic Münster

We cannot really have a study abroad without the study portion. Personally, I am taking a 495 independent study which is a progressive study of the architecture of Münster from it’s earliest beginnings in the Dom Platz, to its more modern architecture with office buildings designed to absorb carbon dioxide from the air. No matter the level of study here in Münster we students find ourselves in situations where we need a bit of help.

Coffee with Dr. Johnson
Coffee with Dr. Martz

Along with help at home from our host families, Dr. Johnson and Dr. Martz frequently set up meetings at the popular Marktcafé in the city center. At this historic cafe near the city center, we can enjoy delicious varieties of pastries and other foods along with a large culmination of lattes, cappuccinos, and other coffee based drinks. Well, enjoying these great amenities while sitting down with our professors and getting one on one feedback and guidance on our assignments. The work based meetings are never strenuous with a fresh strudel and warm cappuccino.

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