Yafet Cole: Post 2

Yafet Cole
Richmond the American International University
London, England
Spring 2019


The way I spend my free time in London is way different compared to the way that I spend my free time at Hampden-Sydney. It is nice because there is always something to do. There has not been a day where I spend my whole day in my room or in my bed. Usually, when I am at Hampden-Sydney, I go hang out with friends or just hang around in my room. London is such a bigger area, so I am able to go out and do more things if I am bored. England is a big soccer nation, so there are typically games in every single day. It is very convenient for me because I love the sport, so I typically just go down to the pub and watch whatever games they have on the television. Even if there is not a game on, once we all are done with classes, my friends and I head down to the pub to just hang out as well. It has basically turned into an everyday thing. Over the past couple of weeks, London has seen great weather, so instead of going to the pub, we all go to Hyde Park and spend our days there throwing the football or kicking the soccer ball around. Those are usually what we all do to take a break from school.  There is so much history within London. Sometimes I’ll head out with my friends and go see the museums or historic landmarks. We even just travel throughout all of London. This area is so big that we can travel an hour and still be in London. Sometimes, we travel to the different parts to eat different types of food. The city is so diverse, so we all travel to these places and eat the ethnic food whether it is African, Chinese, Indian food. With it being finals, I have spent most of my time in the labs and library studying.

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