Elian Toapanta Sanchez: Post 2

Elian Toapanta SanchezProvider: ISASeoul, South KoreaFall Semester 2022 It’s safe to say that South Korea lives by a mantra: “Work hard, party harder.” Education is paramount to success in the eyes of Koreans and thus, many students work themselves to exhaustion or worse. Life after university isn’t any easier as South Korea is well known for its brutal working hours. Thus, it’s hardly surprising that when they finally do get some well-deserved time off, they use that time to the fullest. The nightlife, especially in Seoul, is one of the most dynamic and intense in the entirety of Asia, and […]

Raymond LeBlanc: Post 4

Raymond LeBlanc London School of Economics and Political Science London, England Spring 2021 Blog 4 I agreed to take an eleven-day trip with two complete strangers. Well, most people would consider two people, one from Massachusetts and one from Jaipur, both of whom you had met the month before complete strangers. However, in the short time that I knew these two guys we became pretty good friends. We all shared a massive itch to get the most out of our time abroad. This shared characteristic was all we needed to say, “let’s take an eleven day road trip into a […]

Raymond LeBlanc: Post 3

Raymond LeBlancLondon School of Economics and Political ScienceLondon, EnglandSpring 2021 MayTime is flying here in the UK. This is because I have started filling my free time with more and more interesting activities. This past week, I planned a road trip to Scotland with two of my friends who are also from the United States. I am amazed at how willing three strangers are to spend 11 days driving together from the midlands to the highlands. Even more amazing is the three of us met a friend from London who will let us put 1,500 miles on his car! Absolutely […]

Franz Gilbert: Post 4

Franz GilbertAmerican UniversityWashington, D.C. USASpring 20214/12/2021 It feels like time is flying, or maybe it is because it feels like my life is more eventful. Not only do I get the opportunity to keep up with what is going on at H-SC, but I have also established a new circle of friends and activities while up here in D.C. It feels like every day is jam-packed with activities. Work and Classes Since my last blog, things have pretty much stayed the same course. I am still impressed every day with the level of guest speakers that I have been able […]

Franz Gilbert: Post 3

Franz GilbertAmerican UniversityWashington, D.C. , USASpring 20213/23/2021 From the Hill to the Hill! There is a month and a half left in the program, and it seems like time is flying by. Every day seems to be a new learning experience. Wellness Week It is interesting to learn yet one more way colleges have had to adapt due to COVID-19. American University lengthened the winter break, but was concerned about spring break – and the potential for bringing COVID-19 back to campus. As a result, they implemented Wellness Week. We still have classes during Wellness Week – but no homework […]