May Term

May Term in Germany 2019

Nick Zurasky
May Term Abroad
Münster, Germany

Germany is still amazing. Recently, I’ve been going back and forth from class doing my work and eating in town. To start my day, I typically will listen to music, hop onto my bus, and ride to the bus stop closest to my school. Many times, I will see average people, of whom most likely have average day to day activities just like me. That “averageness” is the most intriguing part of another country for me. Knowing that halfway across the world there are people who go to work, come back, and do the same thing every day. These people have to fill up their car’s gas tanks just like I do, yet they are on a completely separate land mass than me. It goes to show just how many resources are used for everyday life; even when it is on the other side of the world.
This week has been a pretty, normal week. Nothing too interesting has happened, although I do feel myself becoming slightly fatter, so I should probably watch my food intake. Though, to combat this new fatness I have started going on runs around the promenade that goes along where the old medieval city walls used to be. My walk to, the run itself, and my walk back to my house equates for more than 3 miles, so I definitely get a very good run in. The weather has not been as forgiving lately, though. It has stormed recently, which has brought the temperatures down a little, but most of the time the temperatures go back up. It has been warm recently, and my attic room loves to store that heat during the day.
I still cannot complain about my time here. There has been so much to do and experience, and I would highly recommend anyone to visit a country like Germany, if one were to visit Europe.

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