May Term

May Term in Germany

Nick Zurasky
May Term Abroad
Münster, Germany

This is my last week in Germany! I will not lie I am excited to go home soon, but I will miss Germany so much. Just this past night I was out until 3:00 am talking at a bar with people from all over the world. Most were from Germany, but other nationalities include British, Russian, and even Czech. If there’s one thing that I will miss the most, it has to be these conversations. I think that it is the coolest thing that I can walk anywhere here and strike up a conversation about anything with someone not even from my country. And these people love to talk to Americans, too! I had an Australian man bluntly tell me that Americans in a group can be obnoxious, but alone Americans are the nicest people you can find. There is a general sense of respect for everyone here, and sometimes I wonder what it will feel like once I am out of the country. Will it feel different talking to people in the US now?
All in all, my time here has been the adventure of a lifetime. I have done so much I thought I would never do in 6 weeks here. There is so much I could say about my time here, but most of it would be redundant, and all boil down to the same thing: go to Germany if you can. I will admit that Germany does a lot of things much better than America (except for no free water, that’s a big kick in the shins). Anyone could do with a cultured experience like this one, and I implore anyone who wants to visit Europe to go to Germany.
It is my last week here and I plan to make it a fun one. I do have a lot of classwork to do, but there are only three days of classes left until we go to Berlin, so it will be a great time here. I cannot wait to get home, but I also don’t want to leave!

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