Franz Gilbert: Post 7

Franz GilbertLondon School of EconomicsLondon, EnglandSpring 2022 Being back since my Spring Break in March has been a crazy past month. Our in-person classes have ended, so that we can prepare for final exams and papers. The London School of Economics basically gives its students weeks off to study for finals in May and June. This has been very refreshing because it has given me ample time to revise and reframe for the papers and finals. Instead of having to balance class and work like we normally must do at Sydney, I have been able to relax and learn the […]

Pieter Green: Post 2

Pieter William GreenAIFSBuenos Aires, ArgentinaSpring 2022Blog #2Hola todos! Welcome to another installation of my adventures in Argentina. As the majority of you are taking your finals, I am in the middle of completing my midterms at my university here in Buenos Aires. During some of my free time in between exams, I had the opportunity to visit the MALBA, one of my favorite museums in Argentina. The museum stands for “Museo de arte latinoamericano de buenos aires” or the museum of Latin American Art Buenos Aires. The museum focuses on Latin American art from the early 20th century to present […]

Thomas Kinter: Post 3

Thomas KinterLearn Russian in the European UnionDaugavpils, LatviaSpring 2022 Recently, my friends and I were fortunate enough to visit the neighboring Baltic nation of Lithuania. Lithuania is a country of about three million people on the eastern side of the Baltic Sea. Its capital, Vilnius, is in the eastern part of the country and even closer to Daugavpils than Latvia’s capital, Riga. Together, Latvian and Lithuanian are part of what are known as the Baltic languages which I have come to learn are quite different than the Slavic languages Russian, Belarusian, and Polish that are spoken in the surrounding countries. […]

Pieter Green: Post 1

Pieter William GreenAIFSBuenos Aires, ArgentinaSpring 2022 ¡Hola Todos! That means “Hello everyone!” My name is Pieter Green, and I am a part of the class of 2023. I am studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina this semester and I am going to be detailing my escapades in the country over the next several weeks. Along with sharing my adventures in Latin America to the H-SC community, I aim to convey a certain theme to my readers that can only be done by living here: I want to share with the brotherhood what it means to live the Latin American Experience. […]

Franz Gilbert: Post 6

Franz GilbertLondon School of EconomicsLondon, EnglandSpring 2022 Church in PortugalFinally – a trip to enjoy another country! Portugal!One of the reasons I was excited to participate in the Study Abroad program at H-SC was the opportunity to go to other European countries. COVID has wreaked havoc on my plans – until this month. Over the past week, I was able to travel to Portugal for a long weekend. The airfare was really low, so I traveled with three new friends. I visited both Porto and Lisbon. I would highly recommend going to Porto. Most travel brochures take pictures of Porto […]

Thomas Kinter: Post 2

Thomas KinterLearn Russian in the European UnionDaugavpils, LatviaSpring 2022 February 16, 2022 It has been five weeks now since I got off of the plane in Riga, and I can now write about having gone back to see more of the city than the bridge I crossed over on my way out on that first day. My pre-semester language program recently ended and the other students and I decided to spend the weekend in Riga to see the town that holds a third of this country’s people. The bus-ride took about three and a half hours from Daugavpils to the […]

Franz Gilbert: Post 5

Franz GilbertLondon School of EconomicsLondon, EnglandSpring 2022 Back on an empty Millennium Bridge! Hello! From Round 2 in London. I have been back at school for 3 weeks and it has been a hectic few weeks, to say the least. Initially, on my return, I was worried about how the city was with COVID-19, as the reports coming out of the country were very conflicting. However, as soon as I landed, I was reassured that my term was not going to be significantly affected by more COVID-19 restrictions. In fact, Boris Johnson has announced his plans to make it so […]

Thomas Kinter: Post 1

Thomas KinterLearn Russian in the European UnionDaugavpils, LatviaSpring 2022 January 25, 2022 Привет из Латвии! I have now been in Latvia for a little more than two weeks. More than a month or two ago I would not have believed that I would actually be here in spite of what felt like a thousand road blocks and diversions that worked to keep me in Virginia. Truth be told, I was extremely nervous and full of self-doubt when I finally did arrive here. I have never before left the United States and have never spent very long away from my home […]

Tanner Voliva: Post 4

Tanner VolivaUVA ValenciaValencia, SpainFall 2021 And…we are back in the states! I cannot believe that my time abroad has already come to an end! In all honesty, it kind of feels like a fever dream as if my time abroad was just a moment in time which wasn’t real. It all happened so fast. Yet, I know all that occurred was extremely helpful in finding myself and teaching me so much that I hadn’t known before studying abroad. During my time abroad, I felt very humbled – not only abroad but also now that I have returned to the states. […]