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Tea’ing off the Semester

Tea’ing off the Semester
Friday, September 21, 2007
by Benjamin M. Brown ’10

On Friday, September 21, the International Club started off the semester with a very successful chai tea reception. Several members helped to prepare the tea by boiling loose leaves with water and milk along with a few key spices for taste. The menu also consisted of other Indian hors d’œuvres such as Samosa (vegetable patties) and Barfi (traditional Indian sweet).

After a brief greeting from club President Achhunna Mali ‘08 the event officially started. With a backdrop of soft classical Indian music and carefully placed decorations, a welcome mix of students and faculty enjoyed the warm tea and choice dishes. Several conversations could be heard throughout the reception between International Club members and guests. As visitors roamed in and out of the reception, the atmosphere remained lively with fresh tea being poured constantly and frequent exclamations of how spicy the cuisine was. Between the friendly conversations and the tears from overwhelmingly hot mouthfuls, no person walked away with unanswered questions or an empty stomach.

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