Jake Porter: Post 1


Jake Porter
Provider: LSE
London, England
2022/23 Year Abroad

Before applying to H-SC, I had the LSE on my mind as a potential opportunity. When I went to alumni events with my dad, Jason Porter ‘94, Hampden-Sydney Alumni would subtly mention The London School of Economics, which I believe is where the thought of applying was planted in my head. Halfway through my sophomore year, I chose to apply to the General Course program, a one-year study abroad course. With the help of Dr. Strayer, Dr. Thornton, and Dr. Widdows, I was accepted into the program. The LSE was the best option because it was the most applicable to my major at H-SC and the program did not require me to be fluent in another language. I expected to meet interesting people here, but I did not realize the number of international students I would meet. In my hall, there are students from India, the UK, Japan, Singapore, France, Italy, China, Russia, Ukraine, and the U.S, among others. Meeting new people has been one of my favorite parts of living here.

I am looking forward to traveling during Lent break. Most universities in London get a one-month break in the middle of the second term, when people do some combination of going home, catching up on schoolwork, and traveling. I plan to go to Greece, Italy, and Scotland with other General Course students. So far, I have gone to Oxford, Windsor, and Paris.

I am most nervous about final exams in January and June because they make up around 90% of the grade in my courses. Time management is particularly important in courses at the LSE because there are very few due dates and assignments to keep a student on track. So far, it has been an academically challenging and equally exciting experience.