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Tigers Pounce on Global Education Opportunities HomeNews IndexStudy Abroad 2022 July 14, 2022 Meet three Hampden-Sydney Tigers who spent the summer getting a fresh take on their education and the world around them.facebook sharing buttontwitter sharing buttonlinkedin sharing button Exotic locations. Foreign cuisine. Unique customs. Just a few of the exciting things that study abroad students experienced during their summer excursions. Director of Global Education and Study Abroad Dani Widdows notes the importance of this collegiate rite of passage, saying, “Studying abroad is a wonderful, high-impact experience that enables students to expand their education and—just as importantly—learn more about themselves. […]

Taylor McGee: Post 3

Taylor McGee Instituto FranklinAlcalá de Henares, SpainSummer 2021 June 20, 2021 My two favorite parts of every city are the museums and the hiking. Alcalá de Henares (and Madrid) have both in spades. The three biggest art museums in Madrid are the Reina Sofia museum, the Thyssen Museum, and the Prado Museum. When in Madrid, I would recommend going through all three. While many of the museums have restrictions against taking pictures in certain wings or exhibits, much of the Reina Sofia can be photographed. One of the most famous paintings in the Reina Sofia museum is the painting I’ve […]

Taylor McGee: Post 2

Taylor McGeeInstituto FranklinAlcalá de Henares, SpainSummer 20216/7/2021 One of the things that has come to hit me pretty hard is just how different things are in Spain than in the states. The first thing I really noticed was the birds. For as long as I can remember the birds have sounded more or less the same, but in Spain they have a very different set of birds, which make different, and sometimes truly disturbing, noises. For example, the city of Alcalá de Henares is well known for it’s storks. The University has storks on its crest, there are massive stork […]

Taylor McGee: Post 1

Taylor McGee Instituto FranklinAlcalá de Henares, SpainSummer 20216/2/2021 June 2021 The trip to Spain was less than ideal. Besides the baby screaming on and off during the 8 hour transatlantic flight, the air crew nearly forgetting to load 1,000 pounds of fuel into the plane (which feels like my flight almost ended up on the news), the Delta agent who insisted that only people with Spanish passports could enter the country, and shifting my sleep and meal schedule has been exceptionally difficult. Thankfully, I’ve got a really cool host family, made up of a single father who’s daughter is off […]

Ethan Gaines: Post 4

Ethan Gaines Virginia Program at Oxford Oxford, England Summer 2019 Overall, I am very happy that I decided to study abroad in Oxford for six weeks. While the program was certainly very challenging, it was a very rewarding experience and I am grateful to Hampden-Sydney for providing me with this opportunity. The stereotype of Oxford being an unexciting city where the only things to do are study and attend lectures is very wrong. University Park and the Thames and Cherwell Rivers provide excellent places to relax and hang out with friends, and there are numerous bars and pubs throughout the […]

Ethan Gaines: Post 3

Ethan Gaines Virginia Program at Oxford Oxford, England Summer 2019 During my time in England on the Virginia Program at Oxford, I was blown away at the how good the food was and how culturally diverse the cities of Oxford and London were. St. Anne’s College was surrounded by amazing Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish, and French restaurants that offered delicious meals and reasonable prices. As for my favorite meal on the trip, nearly every place I went to offered an amazing burger, which I would say is my favorite food of all time. Every week, a large group of us […]

Ethan Gaines: Post 2

Ethan Gaines Virginia Program at Oxford Oxford, England Summer 2019 On our first weekend at Oxford, the program director, Dr. Ken Fincham, led the group on a tour all around the city of Oxford. We were able to see the majority of the colleges that make up Oxford University, and learned a little history about each. We ended our tour at the world-renowned Bodleian Library, seeing the famous Radcliffe Camera, Sheldonian Theatre, and Divinity School, which were all absolutely fascinating. Over the duration of the program we were able to use the Bodleian Library and its vast resources to help […]

Ethan Gaines: Post 1

Ethan Gaines Virginia Program at Oxford Oxford, England Summer 2019 I chose to participate in the Virginia Program at Oxford because I wanted to experience the academic atmosphere, historical reputation, and cultural prominence that the University and City provides. I am very interested in residing in England for six weeks as the cultural diversity present in the country is astonishing and the scenery is absolutely beautiful. Also, while I have visited Europe on a number of occasions in the past, I had never visited the United Kingdom, so I am really excited to experience something completely new. Overall, the Virginia […]