Minnie Lacy’s Boarding House

One of the most popular boarding houses was run by Ms. Minnie Lacy.

According to The Tiger’s 2010 article “Recognizing the Women of H-SC”–

Her father was the college physician in the 1890s.  As was common at colleges across the nation at the time, students lived in boarding houses and there was no College-run dining hall.  Boarding houses were often the homes of faculty and staff.  Lacy house (now called Hampden House) was the most desirable of the fourteen boarding houses on campus.  Miss Minnie took over running the boarding house and fed up to fifty students while renting them rooms.  

Lacy employed several African American workers at her boarding house, including John AndersonCharley Brown (butler), and the unidentified porter pictured below.


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  • Charles Pearson says:

    Hello Elizabeth,
    Thank you for bringing to light such valuable information on little-known aspects of the history of Hampden-Sydney College. I would note that back in 1996 Dr. Sharon Goad and her archaeology class conducted excavations at Hampden House-the former Lacy Boarding House. The class recovered large numbers of artifacts dating from the tenure of Ms. Minnie Lacy. Some of those artifacts are now (February 2015) on display at the Atkinson Museum on the campus in a display entitled “Archaeology in Academia.”

    Best regards,
    Charles Pearson

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