Past Issues

Volume XIII-Spring 2024 - EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Nathan S. Cabrera '24Connor J. Eickelman '24 EDITORS Benjamin G. Currin '25Ethan T. Currin '25Peter K. Gemborys '25Camden T.T. Libby '26Henry E. Loehr '24Matthew T. Miscikowski '26Evan A. Old… Continue reading Volume XIII-Spring 2024
Volume XII—2023 - EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Taylor J. McGee '23 EDITORS Nathan S. Cabrera '24Connor J. Eickelman '24Daniel L. Ludovico '25Grant S. Paramore '23Benjamin P. Rose '23Jacob R. Smith '23 ADVISOR Michael J. WolyniakDepartment of… Continue reading Volume XII—2023
Volume XI – Spring 2022 - EDITOR-IN-CHIEF James B. "Jeb" Wall '22 EDITORS Luke T. Carter '22Loyal T. "Trey" Grimes '23Benjamin N. Hager '23A.W. Leighton Holm '22Taylor J. McGee '23Samuel D. McLean '22Coleman B. Meadows '22Blake… Continue reading Volume XI – Spring 2022
"Journal of the Sciences" in white on a red background Volume X-Spring 2021 - EDITOR-IN-CHIEF James B. "Jeb" Wall '22 EDITORS Luke T. Carter '22Loyal T. "Trey" Grimes '23A.W. Leighton Holm '22Evan D. Lester '21Taylor J. McGee '23Jacob M. Whitney '21 ADVISOR Michael J.… Continue reading Volume X-Spring 2021
Volume IX-Spring 2020 - EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Noah R. Domikis '20Charles A. Wolfe '20 EDITORS David G. Fluharty '20A.W. Leighton Holm '22Alexander B. Jaramillo '20James B. "Jeb" Wall '22 ADVISOR Michael J. WolyniakDepartment of Biology Cover… Continue reading Volume IX-Spring 2020
masthead2019 Volume VIII – March 2019 - Cover Photo: Tessellations combine the creativity of art with the laws of mathematics in the formation of beautiful patterns.  By utilizing specific shapes and commands, one can generate countless varieties of… Continue reading Volume VIII – March 2019
Masthead 2018 Volume VII – March 2018 - Cover Photo: The Principles of Biology Laboratory (BIOL 151) has focused on exploring the microbiome of the common hop Humulus lupulus for the past 3 years as a means of… Continue reading Volume VII – March 2018
Journal of the Sciences masthead Volume VI – March 2017 - Cover Photo: Sea turtle breeding grounds are increasingly threatened by human encroachment, and the breeding grounds of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore are no exception. On this map of the… Continue reading Volume VI – March 2017
Masthead 2016 Volume V – March 2016 - Cover Photo: Using antibodies attached to fluorescent molecules along with advances in microscope technology, scientists can track the precise positions of structures within the cell in exquisite detail. Here, mammalian… Continue reading Volume V – March 2016
Journal of the Sciences masthead 2015 Volume IV – March 2015 - Cover Photo: Green fluorescent protein (GFP) has revolutionized molecular biology by allowing scientists to label individual proteins in a cell or, as in this photo, entire organisms.  Here, the nematode Caenorhabditis… Continue reading Volume IV – March 2015