Volume XII—2023


Taylor J. McGee ’23


Nathan S. Cabrera ’24
Connor J. Eickelman ’24
Daniel L. Ludovico ’25
Grant S. Paramore ’23
Benjamin P. Rose ’23
Jacob R. Smith ’23


Michael J. Wolyniak
Department of Biology

Cover Photo: As climate change plays an ever-larger factor in our everyday lives, it is critical to understand how these changes affect local communities so that they might design mitigation strategies for the benefit of all.  Here, we see a series of “heat maps” taken from a Virginia-wide study of temperature variation on July 15, 2021 that reveals local “hot spots” in Farmville that may be targeted for temperature mitigation strategies such as tree plantings. The research performed here and described in this issue by Declan J. Kent ’23 and Scott M. Starr has already influenced climate resilience efforts in Farmville and has contributed to a more comprehensive understanding of how Virginia will respond to the challenges presented by climate change.


News from the Hampden-Sydney Science Departments

Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy, and Psychology
Michael A. Berberoglu, Rebecca Bauer, Joseph M. Crockett, R. Glyn Holt, Michael C. Strayer

Public Health—Where Has it Come From and Where is it Going?

The Necessary Sacrifice of Mary Mallon
Ethan T. Currin ’26

The Impact of COVID-19 on ICE Detention Facilities
Pierce K. Gemborys ‘25

The Black Death’s Effect on Medicine & Medical Practices
Jackson M. Hoyle ’26

Effects of Black Death on Religious Aspects of European Society
John S. Hurt ‘26

Does More Entail Better? An Analysis of Virginia’s Push for More Dentists
Richard D. Jones ‘25

Personalized Medicine: The Future of Public Health
Josiah B. King ’23

Changes in Public Perception Alter the Spread of Epidemics: A case study of HIV/AIDS in the United States
Evan A. Old ’26

Asthma and the Impact of the Disease during COVID-19
Rahul C. Parekh ‘26

Consequences of COVID-19 Pertaining to Dentistry
Jacob A. Siler ’23

Endemic plague in Madagascar: History and Solutions
Remy W. Trafelet ‘26

Research Articles

The Role of Lipoprotein Biosynthesis in the Pathogenicity of Streptococcus bovis
Albert M. Blackburn ’23 and Michael J. Wolyniak

Installment of the Hampden-Sydney College Planetarium and Establishment of an Outreach Program
Anthony J. Dischino ’23 and Jonathan W. Keohane

Overexpression of Lysin B in LestyG Bacteriophage
Connor J. Eickelman ’24 and Michael J. Wolyniak

Implementation of CW-EPR, A Python Program for Analyzing and Processing EPR Spectra
Pierce K. Gemborys ’25 and Herbert J. Sipe, Jr.

GIS Heat Mapping of Farmville, Virginia
Declan J. Kent ’23 and Scott M. Starr

Procedural Synopsis for the Assessment of the Neurobiological Parosmia Mechanism
Josiah B. King ’23 and Michael A. Berberoglu

An Analysis of ESR Programs
Briggs C. Randall ’24 and Herbert J. Sipe, Jr.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Dental Hygiene, Health, and Esthetics
Jacob A. Siler ’23 and Michael J. Wolyniak

Regional Survey of Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Biodiversity in Buffalo Creek and its Tributaries
Roman J. Trettel IV ’23 and Scott M. Starr