Volume IX-Spring 2020


Noah R. Domikis ’20
Charles A. Wolfe ’20


David G. Fluharty ’20
A.W. Leighton Holm ’22
Alexander B. Jaramillo ’20
James B. “Jeb” Wall ’22


Michael J. Wolyniak
Department of Biology

Cover Photo: The year 2020 inspired us to think about the significant trends occurring in science and technology that are likely to influence our lives and our society going forward. Little did we know when we started that a global pandemic would influence these things more than any trend we could have imagined. The cover art is a tribute to our Feature Section, “Foresight is 2020”, in which Hampden-Sydney students reflect on what they see as the big trends in science and technology to look out for in the future. (Artwork created by Z. Arthur White ‘20).


News from the Hampden-Sydney Science Departments

$30 million donation supports construction of a new science building at H-SC

T. Bryan Tims ’98

C. William Anderson

Mathematics and Computer Science
Michael C. Strayer

Physics and Astronomy
Stanley C. Cheyne

Ivo I. Gyurovski ’09

Works from the Hampden-Sydney Bioethics class: an online-exclusive compendium

Issues Encountered by First Responders in Amish Populations
Marcus S. Ayoub ’19 and Nicklaus S. Hinckle ’20

Cultural Interpretations of International Bioethical Codes
Eric K. Bowen ’19

The Ethics Behind the Legalization of Marijuana
Rhamel A. Brewer ’22 and Rakeem R. Walker ’20

Meat Production in America
Spencer W. Bryan and S. Brooks Waskey ’22

Physician-Assisted Suicide
Cory W. Childress ’19 and Jason A. Guzauskas ’19

Autism and Vaccines
Jack C. Dickerson ’19 and Connor G. Hall ’20

Pandemic Ethics
Tyler J. Hines ’21 and Kole F. Donaldson ’19

The Use of 3D Printing for Artificial Organs
Chandler H. Vanlandingham ’19 and David L. Smith ’19

“Foresight is 2020”:Reflections on Trends in Science and Technology

Future Advancements in Physical Therapy
J. Coleman Burton ’20

How Smartphones Have Changed Us
Benjamin N. Hager ’23

A Study/Meta-Analysis of Human Augmentation Using Robotic Technology in Medicine
Dylan V. Karig ’21

The Future of Superbug Outbreaks
Nathaniel D. Lloyd ’20

The Evolution of Cryogenics in Medicine
Damian Martinez Pineda ’21

Advancements in Dentistry
Matthew H. Moody ’20

The Future of Genetic Manipulation of Food
Michael T. Moody ’20

AI and Automation: What Will Our World Look Like?
James E. Mozingo ’20

Research Articles

Examining the Effect of Exposure to Nature on Attention During Racial Categorization
Jonathan G. Duarte ’21 and Ivo I. Gyurovski ’09

Investigating the Antibacterial Properties of Micropterus salmoides Mucus and Growing an Escherichia coli Biofilm in the Hogan-Rehak Apparatus
Douglas H. Hogan ’21, Matthew C. Rehak ’21, and Michael J. Wolyniak

A Study of DNA and RNA sequencing using the Oxford Nanopore MinION
Nathan E. Houser ’21 and C. William Anderson

Examining the Effects of Candidate Race and Trustworthiness on Hiring Decisions
Alexander B. Jaramillo ’21 and Ivo I. Gyurovski ’09

Distributed Telescope Observing In An Undergraduate Astronomy Course
Charles L. Lemon ’21 and Jonathan W. Keohane

A Study of Recycled Concrete Using Nondestructive Testing
Jared R. Medwar ’21 and Hugh O. Thurman III

Porphyromonas endodontalis and Alzheimer’s Disease: Characteristics and Genomics
Michael T. Moody ’20, Matthew H. Moody ’20, and Michael J. Wolyniak

Activation of Nitrogenase Function in E. coli
Christopher C. Parrish ’21 and Michael J. Wolyniak

The Aerodynamics of Small Scale Racing
Peyton N. Tolley ’20 and Hugh O. Thurman III

The Introduction of Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 into an Electrospun Scaffold
Alexander M. Washington ’21, Michael J. Wolyniak, and Kristin M. Fischer

The Effects of Moderate Chronic Embryonic Caffeine Exposure on Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Neurodevelopment
Ivan B. Woodruff ’20 and Kristin M. Fischer

The Future of Flight: Using MATLAB Code to Determine Feasibility of Electric Flight
Christopher D. Zoller ’20 and Hugh O. Thurman III