Volume 2 Issue 4, Summer 2020

Director’s Note:

Although we live in challenging times, summer provides the opportunity to reflect and plan. As we reflect on another exciting year at the Wilson Center, highlights include working with a fantastic class of Wilson Leadership Fellows. These 70 freshmen followed in the footsteps of our sophomores and are overrepresented in leadership roles in student government, campus clubs and organizations, athletic teams, and fraternities; on the Dean’s List; and as resident advisors. We also had a terrific trip to Washington over spring break and enjoyed meaningful events with speakers who discussed leadership in education, law, politics, athletics, and national security. And we are celebrating a remarkable Giving Day that saw 101 donors provide $33,386 to the Wilson Center. What amazing support during a difficult and uncertain time!

Preparations are now underway for a robust schedule of events this fall. We plan to commemorate the 19th anniversary of the tragic attacks that occurred on September 11, celebrate Constitution Day, and provide an analysis of election implications on our health care system and our national security capability. We also plan to bring in a nationally known author who writes about national security issues at some point during the academic year. 

Please take some time to read more about our outstanding young men, our new Wheat Professor John Hillen, and the Samuel V. Wilson archival project.

Now more than ever, the world needs leaders who are honest, decent, far-sighted, courageous, and humble—leaders who understand the context in which they work and live; display humility, empathy, and good humor; and are committed to lives of service. Your ability to identify internships, provide needed resources, serve as a mentor, talk with students as they discern a career path, and connect Wilson Center staff with speakers and cutting-edge concepts helps us connect theory and practice. Your engagement helps the Wilson Center build “men of character for lives of consequence.” 

Our civic life will be stronger and we will be able to meet any challenge because of your efforts on behalf of the wonderful young men with whom we are so lucky to work.

We cannot wait to welcome you back to campus this fall. Mark your calendars as we head to Washington, D.C., on Friday, October 9 to welcome our new Wheat Professor and in November for our annual student trip. The date will be announced soon!

Many Thanks,

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Dr. Ryan Pemberton ‘00
Director of the Wilson Center for Leadership in the Public Interest

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Student Profiles
Students are the primary focus of the Hampden-Sydney experience. Read more about two exceptional young men we are proud to call Wilson Leadership Fellows…

When he was selected as president of Hampden-Sydney College in the summer of 1992, General Wilson noted:

“The single most important person walking this campus is the student, followed closely thereafter by the faculty and staff who serve as his mentor. The single most important thing that happens on this campus is that colloquy between the student and his mentor. All else is secondary and supporting.”

Faculty and staff are called to help these superior young men become the very best versions of themselves. These “men of character who will lead lives of consequence” are worthy of our support and guidance.

Please enjoy some additional information about sophomores Josh Hall and Andrew Rehak

Wheat Professor
We are pleased to welcome Dr. John Hillen as the new Wheat Professor of Leadership. Read more about Dr. Hillen’s remarkable background in national security, business, and academia as well as the ways he will help our students connect theory and practice.
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Wilson Archival Project
Updates about the Lt. General Samuel V. Wilson Archival Project
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The Wilson Center is worthy of your support! Please make a gift by June 30
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