Volume 3 Issue 1, Fall 2020

Director’s Note

When our Wilson Leadership Fellows returned to campus in August, they were told that they are living in a leadership laboratory in ways that other generations of College students never experienced. 

We are battling a global health pandemic while our nation deals with civil unrest and important questions concerning racial justice. Yet we are thrilled to have our young men return to the Hill so they can learn as part of this special community during this critical time. 

We endeavor to educate young men who will serve others for a lifetime, yet students must engage in that work today—it cannot wait until they graduate. This newsletter provides a glimpse into the ways we work with our students and the important principles that they learn. An appreciation for our constitution and founding institutions as a means to resolve challenges while providing dignity to citizens; knowledge about the life of General Wilson and other great leaders; events and activities that focus on foundational values of active citizenship, leadership in diverse contexts, civil dialogue, and ethical decision making; and mentorship coupled with our outstanding academic program are the tools we use to develop “men of character for lives of consequence.” 

Empathy. Respect. Courage. Compassion. Moderation. Sound judgment. Foresight. Honesty. Collegiality.  Teamwork. Fairness. Humility. Loyalty. Civility. These are the traits we hope to foster in every student at the College and at the Wilson Center. Leaders who display those traits will help our republic through these challenging times. It is clear that now more than ever that the world needs Hampden-Sydney College and more Hampden-Sydney men. 

Thank you for all you do to support our outstanding young men and their experience at the Wilson Center. Please “zoom” into a talk soon. Take care and be well. Reach out anytime!

Many Thanks,

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Dr. Ryan Pemberton ‘00
Director of the Wilson Center for Leadership in the Public Interest

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Student Profiles
Students are the primary focus of the Hampden-Sydney experience. Read more about two exceptional young men we are proud to call Wilson Leadership Fellows.

When he was selected as president of Hampden-Sydney College in the summer of 1992, General Wilson noted: “The single most important person walking this campus is the student, followed closely thereafter by the faculty and staff who serve as his mentor. The single most important thing that happens on this campus is that colloquy between the student and his mentor. All else is secondary and supporting.”

Faculty and staff are called to help these superior young men become the very best versions of themselves. These “men of character who will lead lives of consequence” are worthy of our support and guidance.

Please enjoy some additional information about juniors Lucio Chavez and Andrew Smith.

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Citizenship and Constitution Day Celebration
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Fall Public Events
Dr. Ron Heinemann, Dr. David Marion, Chris Stirewalt ’97, Henrik Rasmussen ’03, Chris Peace ’98, Dr. John Hillen. Read more about our fall event schedule…

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