Journal of the Sciences masthead 2013

Volume II – March 2013


Yonathan T. Ararso ’13
John H. Bishop, Jr. ’13
Ke Shang ’13


W. Burke Best ‘13
John R. Dekarske ‘14
Alan J. Fish ‘14
William D. Hudson ‘14
David C. Williams ‘14


Michael J. Wolyniak
Department of Biology

Cover Photo: This figure shows the block diagram of a virtual instrument (VI) designed to operate a UV-vis spectrometer and a potentiostat in tandem. This particular VI aids the operator in conducting spectroelectrochemistry experiments, and it will also automatically save the results of the experiments to text files for data analysis (From Stephen D. Nelson ‘13).


News from the Hampden-Sydney Science Departments

Letter to the Editors


Playing God: The Ethics of Euthanasia
Christopher M. Ferrante ’15

The science and philosophy of Cherokee Indian medicine: A natural alternative to Western solutions
S. Barron Frazier ’12

Calling all whistleblowers: Research fraud and the stopgap solution
Stewart J. Neifert ’12

Complexities of doctor/patient relationships
T. Samuel Robinson ’15

Ethical analysis of placebo testing: Clinical trials vs. clinical treatments
Parker C. Vukich ’15


A study of the genetics of Arabidopsis thaliana and Saccharomyces cerevisiae
J. Drake Bishop ’14

Electron spin resonance and cell biology studies of potentially hepatotoxic kava root extracts
Ian Giles ’12

Realism in Messiaen’s Oiseaux Exotiques: A Correlation
Janahgir Iqbal ’15

Reflection of personality through a Facebook analysis
Kevin W. Laffond ’12

Construction and testing of LabVIEW software to interface with a Princeton applied research model 273 potentiostat and an HP Model 8452A photospectrometer
Stephen D. Nelson ’13

Modeling white dwarf star magnetization
Edward K. Park ’15

BIS/BAS and college alcohol use: motivation, consequences, and attention
Frank R. Rose ’12

Formulation of transparent melt and pour soaps without petroleum derivatives
R. Kent F. Saxton ’13 and Brandon J. Crosby ’13

Synthesis and characterization of a bifunctional porphyrin: Electrochemical modulation of oxygen binding
Richard A. Whitt ’12

Inheritance patterns in monohybrid and dihybrid crosses for sepia eye color and apterous (wingless) mutations in Drosophila melanogaster
Spencer T. Wiles ’14