Journal of the Sciences masthead 2015

Volume IV – March 2015


Christopher M. Ferrante ’15


Dane R.C. Asuigui ’16
Travis B. Goodloe ’16
Brian N. Hulsizer ’16
Linh V. Nguyen ’16
Daniel Osarfo-Akoto ’15
Shaquann S. Seadrow ’16


Michael J. Wolyniak
Department of Biology

Cover Photo: Green fluorescent protein (GFP) has revolutionized molecular biology by allowing scientists to label individual proteins in a cell or, as in this photo, entire organisms. Here, the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, a common model organism in the study of developmental biology and genetics, is labeled with GFP to provide a clear view of its body plan. The photograph was taken in the Fall 2014 semester in Gilmer Hall at Hampden-Sydney. Note the unborn C. elegans that can be seen developing inside the adult nematodes. (From Grayland W. Godfrey ’15)


News from the Hampden-Sydney Science Departments


The Energy Research Laboratory at Hampden-Sydney College
Professor Paul F. Hemler, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Solar thermal panel closed loop system design: Construction and application
Caleb M. Bowyer ’16

A comparison of curing rates for insulated and non-insulated concrete
Travis M. Newcomb ’18

Arduino temperature-monitoring systems for the Hampden-Sydney College Energy Research Lab
B. Branch E. Vincent ’16 and Zachary R. Carter ’17


Synthesis and characterization of some novel tetradentate Schiff base ligands and their metal(II) complexes
Dane R.C. Asuigui ’16

ESR studies of free radical intermediates in the chemical oxidation of phenols and other compounds by cerium (IV)
Brant D. Boucher ’17

Synthesis, metal-coordination, and characterization of existing and novel Schiff base ligands
William R. Echols ’17

The effect of timing of the cognitive and standard interviews on memory retrieval of a previously witnessed event
Scott M. Foster ’17

The Prescription Problem: The impact of prescription drugs for anxiety and depression on adolescent brain maturation
Aaron S. Gilani ’15

Behavioral characterization of a daf-18 mutation in Caenorhabditis elegans
Grayland W. Godfrey ’15

How well does an aggressive invasive plant species, Centaurea stoebe ssp. Micranthos (Asteraceae), perform when placed in different substrates?
Erik W. Kellogg ’15

A continued study of the invasive potential and competitiveness of the invasive plant Centaurea stoebe as compared to the native plant Lespedeza capitata
Sean G. Kellogg ’15

A study of survey sampling variable selection techniques in a simulation setting
Zachary A. King ’15

Testing of multiple methods for the synthesis of tetradentate Schiff base ligands and their characterization and metal coordination
Benjamin W. Lam ’17

Analysis and comparison of diesel fuel for organic and metal content via MP-AES and GC-MS
James H. Lau ’17

Treatment of lactose intolerance via β-galactosidase overexpression in supplemental microflora
Christian R. Lehman ’14

Determining the kinetic coefficient of ice using a tribometer
J. Robert McGhee III ’15

Synthesis of a family of chiral asymmetric Schiff base ligands
Shawn M. Stum ’15

ESR studies of free radical intermediates in the chemical oxidation of syringaldazine and related compounds by cerium (IV)
Jefferson C. Thompson ’16

Mutational analysis of TEP1, a budding yeast homologue of the human prostate cancer factor PTEN
Stephen L. Woodall ’15